Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super Cute and Easy to do Nail Ideas!

Hey Ladies,

Yes I am a slacker as always it seems I get off track with my extremely busy life, so yes I am back! I am also needing an out of sorts something to take my mind off my own life and this blog is where I'm doing this! :)

So I am going to show you a few fun nail ideas I have found from pinterest, that are also easy to do!


brush strokes

Small Glitter Stroked Nails, so fun and simple! 


Glitter Tip Nails. So cute for prom or a party! 

Mica Nails so easy and fun! All you need is mica powder and a nail polish!

China Glaze 'Great Barrier Reef'

Really pretty nude nails! Simple can be best! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the cute nail looks I'm loving this fall and I hope like me you try them all! :) 

Love Amelia