Monday, January 6, 2014

First and for most I am freezing!

Hello loves!

Today I'm here to tell you all about the fact that I am freezing my little butt off! It is winter no matter what anyone says! I have officially gotten out my warm sweaters and boots for this cold season. So today's post is going to be about how to stay warm and still look like the fashionista you are!

Winter Essentials!!

#1: Boots

Ok everyone loves boots and it seems like everyone has boot as well.. Which can get totally annoying when you see someone flaunting those new boots you just bought.. sigh beauty is pain. During the winter boots will be your best friend. They are easy to just slip on with a cute pair of distressed jeans or a comfy pair of leggings, my personal fav would be the leggings I've been basucally living in them all winter. The perfect boot, to me, is unique and fun! Boots can be short, tall, or.. um SUPER tall, which is slightly scary.. I prefer tall boots I feel like short boots cut my legs off, but that is just me. Here are a few boot options! 

These are all my personal boots that I own! The black pair was bought at Dillards and the brown was bought from Nordstrom

#2: Leggings

OMG! Doesn't everyone love leggings? They are the perfect thing to wear in the winter they look super cute with boots and come in literally any color you could ever want. I prefer black leggings they go with almost anything but I also have a grey/black cheetah print pair which I love:) They are prefect with a black flowy top or sweater depending on the weather that day! You can purchase leggings literally anywhere, just remember if you don't want everyone seeing through them try to get a thick pair, or be choosy with your undies lol! 

I know.. Don't laugh at my picture, this was the only way to get the whole thing! But these leggings were purchased at Victoria's Secret

#3: Flowy Tops

I love flowy comfy tops! You must be careful though because there is a difference between looking laid back and looking like a bum. My best advice is TRY THEM ON you can never be to sure about something you are buying so trying the top on will benefit you in the long run. Go with a fun pattern! In the winter we get in the dull black and brown routine nothing is better than putting on a fun color to brighten up the bleak months of the year! Note: don't be super crazy with the patterns especially if you are going to wear pattern leggings then it is totally ok to go with that super cute black top!

I can't remember where I got this but I'm going to guess a TJ Maxx this is my fav flowy top! 

#4: Sweaters

This is that winter must have that you are all thinking DUHHHH about me even saying. Hey! I'm just reminding you all, chill! ;) Sweaters also go great with that favorite pair of leggings! I love getting unique sweaters that are also super warm! One of my fav sweaters I have ever bought is from Forever 21 and is really warm!! Make sure and buy a pattern that you will like and not get bored of really fast. Also don't continue to buy the same pattern over and over and over that gets repetitive for you and those people that see you every day! 

Ok these are my fav sweaters the first was bought from Forever 21 and the second was also from Dillards

#5: Pull-overs

I LOVE THESE! Not only in the winter are these great cause you are super cold but they are so comfy and acceptable to wear out of the house! HaHaHa! Pullovers are great with your favorite pair of bootcut or skinny jeans (I like bootcut personally) then I would put on a cute pair of converse this is especially cute on those warmer winter days. Pull-overs come in all different kinds my favorites are from Victorias Secret! 

#6: Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are probably my all time favorite for winter they are warm and work perfect with those new boots you just bought! They are usually stretchy which makes you feel nice! They look great with flowy shirts and sweaters! Dark wash is my favorite in the winter! I love my skinnies from White House Black Market! 
This is one of my many pairs of skinny jeans they were purchased at American Eagle

#7: Coats 

Last but surely not least, that winter coat! Not only are coats for your warmth but they can be a fashion statement as well! They come in all colors, styles, and prices! Pick out the color that is best for you! Like I said a pop of color in the winter is refreshing so go with a fun color like kelly green, yellow, or red. When you pick out that perfect coat then you HAVE to get some accessories! Find a super cute warm scarf that will look great with your fabulous new coat! 

I hope you enjoyed all my winter essentials ideas! If you have any questions you can comment or e-mail me at 

XOXO Amelia