Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Everyday Hair Look!

Everyone has one look that they do with their hair on an everyday basis. Usually it is how their hair is naturally, my hair is naturally straight as a stick so that's how I wear it! I am going to give you step by step directions on how I do my hair everyday!


  • Blow Drier 
  • Brush 
  • Round Brush 
  • Flat Iron
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Large Clip


  • Clear: Strong Lengths Shampoo
  • Three Minute Miracle 
  • It's a 10
  • Matrix Design Pulse: Thermo Glide
  • Aquage: Finishing Spary


  1. Wash hair with Strong Lengths Shampoo, rinse it out!! ;)
  2. Condition with Three Minute Miracle (rinse) 
  3. When you get out of the shower towel dry you hair some, then apply It's A 10 and use your wide tooth comb to comb through your hair. 
  4. Apply Matrix Thermo Glide to your ends (ONLY YOUR ENDS)
  5. Flip your head over and start drying your hair when your hair is 70-80% dry pull up over half of it and use your Round Brush to blow it out. *finish each section like this (if your hair has layers section off at them if not you can section it however you like!) 
  6. When hair is completely dry spray on  Aquage: Finishing Spray all over your hair.
  7. Warm up your flat iron and just flat iron the ends of your hair to "smooth it out" and make it look less frizzy. 
  8. Spray hair spray on your brush and then comb it through your freshly straightened hair a few times. 
  9. YOU'RE DONE!! :) 

Thanks For Reading!

Love Amelia 

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