Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Products I Live By: Stay Don't Stray

 Benefits: Stay Don't Stray!

A few years ago I discovered the Benefit counter in a Belk department store and bought some lip glosses and mascara. With my purchase I also got two samples one was a blush and the other was Stay Don't Stray! This is when I fell in love with Stay Don't Stray, it is in my opinion the BEST primer out there I love it! I keeps my eye shadow on ALL day long and it makes all the colors look great! But this is NOT a review, so I am just going to tell you how I use it! Everyday when I put my makeup on I put a very small amount of it on my lid and then apply ANY shadow on my lids. It works perfect you can also use it as a concealer. The packaging on all Benefit products are super cute also!! You should definatly try this product out because it's one I live by! 

Thanks for reading! 

Love Amelia