Friday, August 3, 2012

Before School Haul.

To be completely honest with you all I love shopping I love buying new clothes and love wearing new clothes! Most of all I love blogging to you about my recent purchases whatever they may be.. ;) Last week I took a small trip to my Aunts and I... went shopping multiple times. I may or may not have bought more things than I needed to but don't we all? Without further ado here are my new items!


  •  First I got a pair of black ankle skinny jeans

  • Another Pair of skinny jeans


  • This is an oversized stripped sweater with the colors green, pink, navy and the background is a light brown 

  • A blue crop top with the British flag and sequins  

  • Black oversized sweater with gold

  • Purple Lace Blazer it was so cute I couldn't pass it up!  

  • Floral and light brown shirt

  • Black with colored sequin strips crop top

  • My FAV a navy and white pock-a-dot collared shirt


  • My super cute leather boots! 

  •  These are perfect for casual outfits!

  •  I love these Betsy Johnson slippers!! 
I hope you all liked the haul if you have any questions about where I got these items please comment!

Love Amelia


  1. Cute things! I especially love the Betsy Johnson shoes! Super cute!!~