Monday, July 30, 2012

Entertainment Monday #9

Emma Roberts! 

I was searching for a lovely star to do my Entertainment Monday on this week and couldn't think of anyone right off the bat, which is strange for me! After searching around the internet for a while I decided on the beautiful Emma Roberts. Roberts is the niece of the iconic star Julia Roberts, and in my opinion looks a lot like her! Emma has starred in movies like Valentine's Day, Nancy Drew, and my personal favorite The Art of Getting By which if you get the chance you should watch it is a GREAT movie! 

The Look 

Emma looks super cute in a white shirt dress, sandals, and a red purse!

Get The Look 

  • Buckled Lace-Up Sandals $22.80 Forever21
  • Knotted Strappy Yoke Shirt $22.80 Forever21
  • Studded Circle Belt $6.80 Forever21
  • Bueno Red Washed Crossbody Purse $34.99 Target

Thanks for reading! I hope you like the look, if there is a certain look you would like me to recreate please comment! 

Love Amelia


  1. Love Emma's look and your recreation of it. You're blogs great! I followed you :) Hope you'll follow back

    Bethany Paige ( X

  2. Love it! Just found you through Beauty Blog Hop! Followed!

    Follow back?

    Kendall & Tiana