Thursday, July 26, 2012

Being Healthy!!

Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment..

Life is full of choices; what to wear, when to get up in the morning, what to eat, or when to work out. You make simple decisions like these everyday, few simple differences in your daily life can change you permenatly for good! When I was younger I didn't have any concept of control with food and I didn't understand how important being fit was. As I've gotten older I realized that I needed to watch what I eat and make it a priority to run, swim, lift weights, or just do some kind of exercise. I'm sure you think I'm not being truthful and that I'm actually a naterally slim person or that I don't have to work for it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don't get me wrong I'm not model skinny or perfect but no one is. My life decision was simple, be healthy do the things that are good for me. After doing these things I even noticed that my skin was less blothcy and doesn't break out.

What I Do

  • Drink water EVERYDAY!
  • No processed food, that means organic or home rasied (yes you can buy veggies from wal-mart or any other grocery store)
  • Small amounts of dairy products
  • No fried food (I prefer grilled chicken and fish)
  • Also I try not to eat red meat.

Yes I know that it sounds so hard but its really easy and I actually love it! I feel so healthy all the time! :)

 Love Amelia


  1. Hey chickadee! I've been transitioning to clean eating, it pays off! Following from the BBU hop!

    1. Oh I know! I feel great! and I followed! :)