Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Baaaccckkkkkk :)

Hello my loves!

  It has been way to long! I've been missing the blogging seen lately, and think its time to get back into the beauty world! For my first post back I'm going to talk about my newest favorite product that you can use one your hair, body, and skin which let me tell you is freaking awesome! The product is called Coconut oil!

 Omg I know you are all so surprised! Ha! But how I came upon this great product was by complete accident. During Black Friday The Body Shop was having an awesome sale, three items for $30 which is crazy great! I bought their vitamin E body butter, concealer, and bronzer which is not the point at all. But they had another deal that was a bag filled with all sorts of goodies! One of those was a small bottle of liquid Coconut Oil! Lately I have been having a ton of hair problems including oily looking hair issues along with a dry flaky scalp. I NEVER use conditioner on my scalp so the other night instead of using conditioner I covered all of my hair and scalp with Coconut oil and then rinsed with water. After getting out of the shower I combed my hair and then proceeded to put it in a bun wet. Slept on my hair the entire night with some oil remaining in my hair (obviously the water didn't really get it all out) so over night the oil soaked into my scalp making it less dry and curing the flakes.  In the morning I washed my hair doing my usual routine of washing my hair and then coating the shaft of my hair with conditioner. My hair looks 10x better, it's soft and feels extremely more healthy! My advice is don't do this all the time unless you are going for a nasty, oily, grunge look. ;) But I would defiantly use this trick when you are needing to make your hair soft, cure flakiness, and/or help hair grow (YES! Coconut oil also helps get those long luscious locks) this is defiantly my new favorite product!

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  1. Sounds like you've found a great product; love coconut oil :-)

    x Roch & Tash x