Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My all time favorite foundation!

Foundation is the base of your makeup the part that actually stays on your face all day long so not only do you want a foundation that stays on all day but you want one that does break your face out. I have never had a problem with a foundation causing acne, but I know it is a huge issue for some girls. Now I am not being snobby but I think that the way to ensure a flawless looking face you need a good quality makeup. In turn there are some fantastic drugstore foundations out there but my all time favorite comes from... You guessed it MAC. Now don't stop reading because you think oh she is just another MAC worshiping girl, ;) because trust me I use to think the same thing about everyone who used MAC.. Sorry;) but I will say after trying out their Studio Fix foundation I was in love. But I'm not going to just babble all post long about how I love it I want to show you all the facts of it as well. I mean that is what I'm here for.

My Face Half Covered with Studio Fix

The left side is the one with the foundation on it and you can defiantly see the distinct difference. I was literally amazed the first time I used it. I covers all of my flaws and makes skin look gorgeous.

Ok here is a side view left half has the foundation on! (Excuse my face lol)

Ok so now that you have see the proof that this stuff literally works miracles let me give you some other info. I use about 1 1/2-2 pumps on my face, and I use a MAC 187 brush to apply the foundation as well which is my favorite brush to apply my foundation with! You don't need a ton to get great coverage. When you buy the foundation it will come without the pump but I would defiantly encourage you to purchase it as well considering you save SO much more foundation that way which in the long run will save you money. Thanks for reading loves! Hope you enjoyed comment if you have any questions!

Studio Fix- $27.00 
Pump- around $8.50 

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