Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bobbi Brown "Party Eye Palette"

Today I decided that I would do a review on the Bobbi Brown Party Eye Palette. I was lucky enough this year to get this for my birthday and have been using it ever since. The palette includes the colors Bone, Champagne Quartz, Pebble, Pink Blaze, Copper Sand, and Black Chocolate.

This is the palette, I think the colors are super natural but fun! 
  • Bone- is a shimmery white color, its not very pigmented but it has a wonderful shine!
  • Champagne Quartz- is metallic it has a pink cast to it with silver shimmers.
  • Pebble- is literally silver glitters it has so much shine! It is the PERFECT party color.
  • Pink Blaze- it is as the name says pink, I would call it a rose color it also has lots of shimmers. 
  • Copper Sand- This is taupe/soft brown color, (personal fav!) 
  • Black Chocolate- It is a very dark brown almost black color it has lots of pigment and is super dark.  
 I did my eye makeup today with this palette, so I am going to show you a picture of it! :) and tell you my steps to get this look! 
This is the first picture!
This is the 2nd picture! I love love love this look! 

  • 1- Prime eyes (I used Benefits stay don't stray)
  • 2- Apply a layer of the color "Black Chocolate"
  • 3- In your crease apply the color "Copper Sand"
  • 4- Apply a thin layer of the color "Pebble" to add a little extra sparkle! 
  • 5- I like to apply the color "Bone" below my eye brow, as a highlight. 
  • 6- Finish by lining your eyes with your favorite liner (mine's Urban Decay 24/7 glide-one eye pencils) and then curl your lashes and put on a thick layer of mascara! :)  
Over all I love this palette, the eye shadows are very high quality. My only complaint would be it needs at least one more dark color, there are almost too many shimmery colors. Plus it is a little expensive I think you would do just as well with a drugstore doup. I guess it all comes down to do you want to spend the cash?? 
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