Monday, June 18, 2012

Entertainment Monday #3

Emma Stone! 

This week for entertainment Monday I chose Emma Stone she is an up and coming actress who has a super cute and down to earth style. She has been in movies like House Bunny, Easy A, and Crazy Stupid Love which were all sooo good! I love the way she doesn't dress super expensive and it's easy to get her looks! She is also maybe one of the funniest girls on T.V. at the moment and one of my personal fav's!! So lets get to the look!! :)

The outfit is really calm and not to flashy, casual. 

Starting from the bottom as always! 

Here is my version of the outfit! I'm in love, plus you could switch out  the shirt for a white tank or the pants for black shorts for an even cooler outfit! 

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All pictures are from the sites linked above or google!


  1. love emma stones style! this outfit is so casual but stylish at the same time :)

    1. I know! I just love her! Plus it was a really simple look, but still really cute!