Saturday, June 30, 2012

Makeup Brush Cleaning!

One of the main ways for your makeup to look flawless is by cleaning your makeup brushes. By doing this you keep bacteria from growing on your brushes which could cause breakouts, in general its best to keep them clean! I cleaned my brushes today because they were getting for lack of a better word NASTY!

When cleaning my brushes I use MAC brush cleanser because the majority of my brushes are MAC, but I have also used the Bobbi Brown brush cleaner, it is another really good option.

I'm gonna show you a few pictures of me cleaning the brushes.

Your first step is to get the brush wet, then you need to squeeze on the MAC brush cleanser on it make sure and rub it through your brush thoroughly to get all the makeup/dirt out. 

This is the dirt and makeup that came out of my foundation brush! YUUKKEE!! 

Finally you need to lay your freshly cleaned brushes on a clean towel to dry. I usually wash mine during the day and let them dry overnight.

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