Monday, June 4, 2012

Entertainment Monday #1

For my very first entertainment Monday I have decided I would blog about Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce has a gorgeous style and presence, from smiling through the Kanye massacre during the MTV music awards to her amazing music career. I love her songs, the upbeat sound of "single ladies"makes me want to dance and the heartfelt words of "halo" could make you cry.  I've been  obsessed with her ranging music over the years. But today I'm going to talk about her also amazing sense of style. I'm going to try and recreate/put my twist on one of my favorite outfits she's had from years past!

Starting from the bottom up! 

Here's another picture of the outfit! 
This is my version of the outfit. I do know this is not the exact replica but I like my twist as much as the original outfit! :) Its simple and chic. 

Thank you tons and tons for reading my blog! :) I really hope you are enjoying it lovess! If you have any questions please comment, tweet to me @stylininthe618, or e-mail me Please comment and tell me if you like the new outfit! -Love Amelia

All pictures are from or any of the sites I've linked above! :)

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