Thursday, June 21, 2012

OPI Nail Polish "Tease-y does it"

If you have read any of my earlier blog posts you may know that I have struggled with biting my nails, I finally "kicked" the habit! :) So today I am going to show you my to-date nail color! I absolutely love OPI nail polish it is my all time favorite I love the brush, the colors, and I have to same the names are adorable! Today I decided to paint my nails in the color Tease-y Does It, it is between a brown/puple/maroon color with glitter in it! , I am pretty sure this is from the burlesque line, not totally sure because I bought it at a salon. So here it is!

 Here is the color! I know summer is for spring-y colors but, I wanted to do something kinda dramatic!

This is it on my nails! I think it's a fun color it actually has a lot of glitter in it which I'm in love with!  :) I would really recommend this color if you are wanting something kinda dark but still on the fun side for summer! 

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